Momming is tough business. We have actual little lives to nurture! Tiny (or not so tiny) humans to help grow into kind, intelligent, strong-willed adults! To do that properly, we need to figure out our own hot messes first.


Once upon a time we knew it all. Then life, as life often does, walked right up behind us and knocked us out on our ever-expanding cheeks. Again and again. It turns out all that stuff we were so certain we knew - was roughly 80% wrong. Or at least we failed in executing it correctly. Our ducks are not in a row, in fact, it was only yesterday that we realized we were supposed to have ducks to begin with

So here we are, sitting on our rookie cheeks, trying to get better at life. We're in the thick of it, experiencing it, drowning in it, and awkwardly laughing it off with you. 

We bring two entirely different perspectives to most of life's challenges because our personalities, life styles, and often opinions couldn't be more opposite! But we both have the same deep desire to bring others peace, growth, and comfort. 

We try to make it glaringly obvious that we don't know it all. In fact, we don't know most of it. But we're really trying here. So if there's something you know more about then we do, we don't doubt it one bit!

We want this to be a safe haven for rookies to bring their ideas, encouragements, and suggestions. This is a place for collaboration and kindness. Our purpose is to lift others up and encourage you to do the same.



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Oh hi there! 

I'm Mel, a 20-something Rookie-Boy-Mom of two who has literally no idea what she's doing here. But that's kind of the fun part, isn't it? 

I started this blog with no clue of what I wanted it to become. I only had this tiny little spark of hope that I could create a sweet little place where I could connect with other mamas who were trudging through the trenches too. 

The idea blossomed into a collaborative space where others could learn from my rookie moves and I could learn from theirs! So I hope you'll reach out, ask questions, maybe even write a post of your own!

I want to give a quick shoutout to 2020 for being SO damn extra! Without the heartbreak, isolation, frustration, and fear that 2020 brought us, this blog would have remained a hidden little dream forever. One that I never would have started, because I never would have stepped out of my little shell to make time for something I love doing.

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Lifestyle Blogger

As freshly minted 30-something girl mom, I know a bit about trying to accomplish it all - and lot about the consequences.

I hope you will join me on this journey and feel love and hope! Remember Mama you are not alone and it's okay to be a little weird! 

My Rookie Stats:

  • Rookie Mama

  • Rookie Law Student

  • Rookie Homeschool 

Aspiring Rookie Status:

  • Advocate for women's rights around the world. 

  • Public Speaking